Happy Birthday Gabriel!

My sweet, funny, cuddly little boy turns 5 today.  I remember holding my new little boy in my arms like it was yesterday.  I especially remember his birth as a big shock because I was expecting a petite little girl to come out…  Instead I got a 9 pound hunk of a little boy.  The ultrasound was wrong, but my little boy was just right.  And now he’s become such a big boy.  We couldn’t be more proud of him!

Every year on his birthday I take a balloon picture.  He loves swimming this year and wears his goggles everywhere.  They are his favorite accessory.  Here is this year’s balloon photo!


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  • Rebecca Hurst

    This is your best balloon pic yet! What a beautiful boy. Happy Birthday, Gabrielito!!

  • So Cute! Are there more photo’s? I want to see!

  • Alicja

    This boy is absolutely great!!! and this picture is so…I don’t know the words that can describe it…..this picture is so happy, and when I look at it i think “Oh my God- I want to have such a great little boy” congrats!(sorry, my English is not so good:))

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