Carley + Jarett | Holtville

Carley and Jarett’s wedding was really special.  They are both from the same small town where everyone knows everyone.  Their families grew up together and Carley and Jarett have been together since high school.  I have never been to a wedding with kinder people.  Everything about their wedding was so sweet and sincere.  And Carley and Jarett win the award for their low key amazing attitudes.  They posed in a dirt field, walked into a muddy wheat field, climbed over rusty farm equipment and broken glass in a junk yard…  And these were all their ideas!

Carley and Jarett, I love how you pictures turned out, and I love that I got to be a part of it all.  You both have amazing family and friends and I think you have an amazing future together!



Jarett waiting nervously for the ceremony to start:016801920206021502580282030903190329040704100386037703660438

When Carley gave me directions to Jarett’s house for the reception, she told me to turn right at the dead tree.  Here it is!04440451045904620504053905790622


I love how their engagement guest book turned out!06970767

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