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Sally + Graham | The Wild Animal Park

Sally and Graham got married on Memorial Day Weekend.  You would have thought that the Wild Animal Park would have been a total zoo (hehe), but it wasn’t.  The day so so beautiful and their ceremony was held in the Heart of Africa.  It was like they were in their own little private park.  They made their ceremony totally personal and touching, I loved it!  And once the dancing started, watch out!  There were some seriously fun dancers and I was jealous, I wished I could have been a guest!  Their DJ, Preston Foreman, was awesome.  He played the perfect blend of music, kept everything flowing and had a great attitude.  He’ll be on my highly recommended list from now on!

Congratulations Sally and Graham!  You two really make a great couple and your wedding really captured what you two are all about!

They saw each other before the ceremony, and the next two photos are of their first sight.  So cute!



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  • melissa janssen

    I’m so excited about your photographing my daughter’s wedding on September 26 at the Wild Animal Park. I love that you don’t do those fuddy-duddy, everyone line up photographs.

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