I have a passion for people.  I love the honor of photographing someone’s wedding, their pregnancy and then their babies.  One photography session often turns into a lifelong relationship.  What a gift, and huge responsibility it is to record someone’s most precious and personal moments.  When I photograph a part of someone’s life, they have my complete dedications and attention.  I respect the trust they give me.

When I was 21, I decided I wanted to be a photographer.  I composed a very simple letter stating that I really knew nothing about photography, but I was a quick learner and had a good personality, and I was willing to work for $5.75 an hour.  Then I opened up the yellow pages and sent my little letter out to all the photographers in the area.  I amazingly got 3 job offers, and I took two of them.  I ended up working for one of them for many years.  Through her, on the job training, and through my endless studying of photography magazines and websites, I learned all about photography.  I learned the business end, the customer service end, and the photography end.  With these skills in place, I opened my own business.  And the best part is, it’s going incredible well!  I love working for myself.

Let me tell you a little about my personal life.  I met my husband in Guatemala.  I was there for a year commitment to do volunteer work.  I built houses and brick stoves.  It was the hardest work I’ve ever done, but the most rewarding.  I had the opportunity to be a part of a family’s life while we built their house.  I also created a small project of my own.  I realized people didn’t have any photographs of their own families.  That just wasn’t a priority when you’re trying to earn just enough money to feed your family.  Through donations from family and friends, I photographed many families and gave them portraits.  It was something so easy for me to do, but it meant so much to them.

My husband and I met at a salsa dance bar in the town of La Antigua, Guatemala.  There was an instant attraction between us.  We fell madly in love and I ended up staying there for two years.  Everything about our relationship always worked out effortlessly.  He fortunately was able to get a student visa, and we moved to the US and he began learning English and establishing himself here.  We got married in 2002 and we now have 2 kids, Gabriel and Maya.  We travel back to Guatemala every year to visit his family. We also love traveling as a family and have been to Japan, Morocco, Dubai, Jordan, Oaxaca, Thailand, Peru and more!  I feel really lucky to have such a wonderful little family.

I look forward to working with you and your family.