4th of July | My Family

We are so lucky to have my whole family live close by.  We all help each other out, hang out, babysit and provide the “village” it takes to raise a family.  I really can’t imagine doing it any other way.  I wish my husband’s family was closer, but at least we have a yearly excuse to visit Guatemala.

Here are just a few pictures of the cousins over the 4th of July.  We hung out and BBQ’d at my sisters house.  Watching the kids together makes my heart swell 🙂

My sweet little Maya:


My brother Aaron and Sonya’s  daughter Sofia:IMG_5290IMG_5284

My sister Lindsay and Nick’s son Ellis:IMG_5203IMG_5315

My little boy Gabriel:IMG_5265

My cousin Maura and Aric’s daughter Paisley:IMG_5276IMG_5250

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  • Rebecca Hurst

    Wonderful shots of seriously gorgeous kids.

  • Love, Love, Love!

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