Little Maya turns 3!

My spunky little girl is 3 years old today.  She is so delightful and difficult, and brings TONS of laughter to our family.  We love her lots and lots!

Every year I take balloon pictures of my kids on their birthday.  This is the first year it’s been easy with Maya (thank goodness!).  I love the age she’s at right now.  She loves to ask questions, play with bugs, and be silly.  And she really loves snuggling (that’s the best part).

Happy Birthday to my little girl!

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  • Laura

    ahhhh!! I love these. They are super cute, Chelsea. Great job! (On the photoshoot and on the genetics) 🙂

  • Shes adorable Chelsea congrats!

  • meiken

    Adorable Chelsea!!! You are so talented and she is so darling! Great combo!

  • Kimberly Casinelli

    Soooooo cute!

  • Lorena

    Aww, she’s adorable! Love the colors 🙂

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