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I don’t know where time goes, but I can barely catch my breath.  I’m reminding myself how incredible lucky I am to live in an amazing place, have my own successful business, have a family that brings me tons of joy, and an extended family that gives me a ton of support.  Here are a few pictures from the life of the Lopez family.

Our new puppy Ruby:

0001We got a new couch that’s a hit with the kids.  They LOVE the removable cushions:

0002We have the best winter garden this year.  We’re growing kale, collard greens, a bunch of different types of lettuce, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, arugula, chard.  Everything tastes super yummy and we are all eating more greens!

000300040005We babysat our niece Sofia the other day.  She and Maya are best little buddies!

00060007Here they are tasting the rain:

0008000900100011001200130014I went to the beach yesterday with Gabriel and his friend Gage and Gage’s mom.  It was a super low tide and the boys had so much fun.  These pictures show me what the joy of childhood is all about.  A winter day at the beach, stripped down to your undies and running, jumping and splashing.  Does life get any better?


I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into our life 🙂

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  • Kathleen Bagley

    With your beautiful photos I am continually reminded what an amazing family we have! I am blessed beyond all expectations! Thank you Chelsea for all you provide as a truly wonderful mother, professional and daughter!!! With love…Mom

  • Alice Munoz-Aniya

    Chelsea, Your love comes right through that camera. Wow !!!
    Thanks for sharing your photos.

    Alice 🙂

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