The Perfect Family Photo

We all have different ideas of what “The Perfect Family Photo” is.  I know I do.  Some people want to play with their kids, others want everyone in matching outfits and smiling at the camera.  But here’s the truth…  Sometimes it is what it is.  Kids aren’t perfect, families aren’t perfect.  Sometimes on photo day, your kid is grumpy, or gets a giant scratch on their face, or doesn’t want to listen.

I deal with these situations all the time.  I tell parents to relax, let me deal with the kids and it will always work out.  And it always does.  Sometimes it’s in a different form than “The Perfect Family Photo”, but it’s still real and it’s still YOUR family 🙂

This family session was challenging.  The baby only wanted to be in the water, period.  The little boy was running all over like little boys do, and not listening that well.  So what I do is try to be silly, try lots of different things, and just take LOTS of photos.  Some pictures will suck, but many will be just perfect.  That is how photo sessions often go.  I love what we ended up with during this family’s portrait session, it captures how their family is right now.  Be sure and check out the last two photos to see how we accidentally ended the session 🙂


This is the closest we got to a posed family photo:00020003000400050006000700080009

Mom letting the baby play in the water when a big wave took them all down:0010

Luckily they took it all in stride:0011

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  • Steve

    Wow what a great session and a great looking family !

  • Marsha

    Chelsea, its always a pleasure to look at your blog. Your humor and professional ability makes an amazing combination. Of course, its all in the family!!!!

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