Beverly + Mike | Admiral Kidd Wedding

Two things really stand out to me about Beverly and Mike.  One, they are so truly in love.  They only treat each other with kindness and respect.  It’s so nice to see a couple that is just meant to be.  It seems so easy with them.  And two, they are THE nicest people ever.  And they also have really nice and funny friends 🙂

The day started out overcast and foggy, and ended up all blue and sunny.  The ceremony was so touching and emotional, and it was like we were all spying on a private moment between Beverly and Mike.  I know I also say this, but I really do have the best clients in the whole world.

The ceremony and reception were at the  Admiral Kidd Club, and Reverend Christopher did an amazing job.  I loved all the bright colors against the foggy sky.

Congratulations Beverly and Mike!  Thank you so much for having us there!


I love this photo.  It’s right after Beverly’s dad handed her off to Mike:

admiral_kidd_wedding_photography10admiral_kidd_wedding_photography11admiral_kidd_wedding_photography12admiral_kidd_wedding_photography13admiral_kidd_wedding_photography14admiral_kidd_wedding_photography15admiral_kidd_wedding_photography16admiral_kidd_wedding_photography17admiral_kidd_wedding_photography18admiral_kidd_wedding_photography19admiral_kidd_wedding_photography20admiral_kidd_wedding_photography21admiral_kidd_wedding_photography22admiral_kidd_wedding_photography23admiral_kidd_wedding_photography24admiral_kidd_wedding_photography25admiral_kidd_wedding_photography26And I have to give Lorena and David a HUGE thank you for the referral!

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