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Jamie and Corey get married!

What a wonderful wedding!  I loved working at Rancho Valencia and Julie from The Best Wedding For You made everything run smoothly. Jamie and Corey really know what’s important in life, their family and friends.  They created a wedding that really incorporated their families and their cultures.  I was so happy to be a part of it.  There were so many little touches that really made the wedding so personal and sincere.  They’ve been so patient waiting for their pictures, so here they are!  And Jamie and Corey, thank you so much for the baby gift!


Jamie folded all the origami cranes herself!





These girls were trying to sneak a peek before the wedding:




My second photographer Kristine captured this moment:












How cute are they watching the slideshow?




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  • Kristine

    Hi Chelsea,

    You are a great person to work with and a great teacher. You have this awesome, and warm feeling you give to every couple you photograph, and the family. I am honored to have had the opportunity to help you. I will be more than happy to help anytime! Jamie and Corey are such a blessing to each other. I hope we can see them again!


  • Wow – gorgeous photography! Such tender moments. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Corey

    We had the best photographers ever to go with the best wedding ever. Thank you for everything, Chelsea and Kristine!

  • Jamie

    We had approximately 97.8% of the pictures with huge smiles and showing a lot of teeth! It was like a Colgate advertisement, but this is to show all how much fun we had. Truly!!! Yes, we laugh too much and many say that this is good, but if we keep this up…we should be able to capture crow’s feet around the eyes and laugh lines in a blk & white photo 🙂

    As for Corey’s comments posted, I agree that we had the best photographer. It was definitely a blessing to have you and Kristine as part of our wedding day because you both contributed to the positive energy!

    – Another note that I must share is that my parents said in Vietnamese and in their exact words with translations:

    “Your photographer Chelsea is like-a superwoman. She move up-down and swiftly all around. She is like a busy bumble bee. She is very cute. We like her a lot because she keeps on pulling us together to take our family pictures.”

    That’s all I can remember! So in a nutshell, my parents think that you are great too!

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