Laurie and Paul

I was so lucky to be a part of Laurie and Paul’s wedding.  They have a very special relationship, and it shows.  They had a beautiful Mass followed by a nice lunch with their families at the Hunter Steakhouse.  Everyone deserves love and companionship no matter what age you are.  Congratulations Laurie and Paul!





1/8/09  I unfortunately just found out that Paul passed away.  It really makes me appreciate the importance of family and love.  Paul and Lauri had only about a month and a half of marriage together.  I realized that I must appreciate each and every day with my loved ones.  Rest in peace Paul.

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  • Alisha

    Wow Chelsea,
    Yet again I am amazed how moving your profession can be. You are able to document and capture Love and Loved ones for these families to treasure. What a blessing your job can be and you do it so well. My thoughts go out to Lauri and Paul’s family.

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