Nikki + Donn | Del Mar Wedding Photography

When you first meet Nikki and Donn, you can’t help but want to be their friend.  They are just nice and funny and real.  I knew I felt that way after knowing them briefly, but it was truly amazing to witness how LOVED they are by their friends and family.  It was a really cool thing to witness.  And, I don’t think I’ve ever met a more expressive couple (as you’ll see in their photos :).

Their wedding was a free flowing event.  It was at an amazing private home in Del Mar.  They guest were free to move around outside and in.  It had a cocktail hour feel.  You could eat, dance, and mingle at your leisure.  So to sum it all up, it was awesome.  The food was truly yummy, the weather was perfect, the flowers were so beautiful, and the whole table of cupcakes was perfect.

Thank you both SO much for having us there.  It was all pretty darn perfect 🙂

Florist:  Hanna Sampson – Modern Bouquet

DJ:  Michael Bourdet (he was my DJ 8 years ago)

Cupcakes: Elizabethan Desserts

Catering:  The Wild Thyme Company


One advantage of a second photographer, is another angle.  Here’s a shot from Laura:006-del-mar-wedding-photography007-del-mar-wedding-photography008-del-mar-wedding-photography009-del-mar-wedding-photography010-del-mar-wedding-photography

This is the best reaction from a groom, EVER!011-del-mar-wedding-photography012-del-mar-wedding-photography013-del-mar-wedding-photography014-del-mar-wedding-photography015-del-mar-wedding-photography016-del-mar-wedding-photography017-del-mar-wedding-photography018-del-mar-wedding-photography019-del-mar-wedding-photography020-del-mar-wedding-photography021-del-mar-wedding-photography022-del-mar-wedding-photography

This is another awesome shot from Laura:023-del-mar-wedding-photography024-del-mar-wedding-photography025-del-mar-wedding-photography026-del-mar-wedding-photography027-del-mar-wedding-photography028-del-mar-wedding-photography029-del-mar-wedding-photography030-del-mar-wedding-photography

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  • Tim & Carolene Davis

    Oh, Nikki… These photos are so beautiful! You and Donn look so in love, elated and ready to start a new chapter in your lives.

    “The photographer said it all.”

    We love you both very much,

    See you both soon!
    Tim & Carolina
    xoxoxoxoxoxoxo to you both 😉
    Brother & Sister in-law

  • Jennifer

    The best thing about all of these pictures is the constant laughter. It makes things look meant to be. Congratulations!!

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